Hanami Foundation was established in 2017 as a result of a lifelong fascination for Japan and 15 years of lively contacts with Japanese families and companies.

From 2003 Japan has significantly marked it’s presence in Poland, specifically by installing a major headquarter of Toyota on the outskirts of Wroclaw. The Japanese community populated the city and the “company families” became the main population of the IB Wroclaw International School, where the founder Joanna Tomaszewska was the Head Librarian and where she befriended “Japanese mothers”.

In 2015 Joanna with her daughter Marta Burdzy and son Rafal Burdzy decided to experience the “Japanese dream” and moved to Tokyo while signing a contract as the Head Librarian of Aoba Japan International School. Soon after arriving in Tokyo for the founders it was clear that this incredible city offers enormous perspectives of artistic growth and business potential. As a highly sophisticated society the Japanese have the ability to appreciate the most subtle beauty and are constantly craving the new and unknown.

Hanami‘s goal is to deliver the highest quality experience to those willing to explore aspects of Polish material and spiritual culture. This is by creating a platform consisting of projects and funds that is a bridge bringing together the best of Poland and Japan.